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With the discovery of the drug that mimics the fountain of youth, facial cosmetic surgery has somehow lost its fame. BOTOX, or Botulinum Toxin, one of the most profitable drug in the market today, is Hollywood’s secret to looking young and fresh in an instant, without surgery.

Botox is a natural, purified protein that relaxes the muscles for which it is injected to. For cosmetic purposes, Botox has been well used for years to relax muscles that cause wrinkles on the face. Lately, it has also gained approval to be used as treatment for over active bladder symptoms, headaches caused by migraine, muscle stiffness on the elbows, wrists, and fingers, and eye muscle problems.

On the cosmetic side, Botox is injected to facial muscles to correct wrinkles especially the forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines. It has also been used to slim up the face by injecting it on the masseter muscle along the jaw line.  Botox is also being promoted for the reduction of hypertrophic muscles on the upper arms, calves, and shoulders for women. Recently, Botox Facelift has also been one of the most in demand and effective technique for non-surgical, temporary lift, leaving behind laser treatments.

Botox is also recently gaining popularity in the treatment of excessive sweating on the armpit and other areas of the body.


Botox is derived from the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum¸ an organism that actually paralyzes the muscle of a person infected. In the 1960’s however, scientists did further research on how botox can be beneficial to the human population, hence the discovery of its medical uses in the 1980’s and the FDA approval for its safe use in the year 1989.

In 2002, BOTOX has been FDA approved in the right formulation, to cosmetically treat frown lines.

Over the years, the use of botox has been rampant all over the world, but patients should be aware that though Botox is rendered safe for use, there is only a RIGHT FORMULATION AND DOSAGE that is allowed to be used for beneficial affects.


BOTOX, if used cosmetically and done properly by a medical practitioner with enough knowledge and experience in its use, will give patients a natural lifted appearance by improving lines and creases that may have started to paint their way through the face. Not only by proper dosage and techniques but patients should also choose surgeons, or doctors with sharp knowledge on human anatomy particularly each tiny muscle group, vessels, and nerves, to avoid complications. Patients should be extremely honest with their doctors as to their past use of the product because dosages are adjusted depending on the number of time a patient has already received treatment on the area to avoid over dosing.

Understand that BOTOX will not completely eliminate wrinkles, but it will improve the aesthetic appearance of the area giving the patient who received treatment a fresher look. In cases of excessive skin laxity, BOTOX treatment may not work and a surgical intervention may otherwise be prescribed. However, recent studies have shown that through proper dosage and proper interval between each dosage, the treatment can slowly eliminate the existing permanent dynamic wrinkles like the crow’s feet, and forehead and frownlines.


·        The result of Botox may last for up to 6-months, sometimes longer, but it is never permanent.

·        Increasing the amount BOTOX injected in the area (ex. Forehead lines) will not increase the chance of totally eliminating the wrinkles, it will only make the result look unnatural.

·        BOTOX cannot just be injected on muscles, there is a proper way and amount of BOTOX that can be used to maximize its effect so it is very important for you to choose a cosmetic surgeon is well experienced in its administration

·        It takes 3-5 days before BOTOX takes effect so you will have to be a little more patient with the result. A little swelling and bruising is also possible but it doesn’t persist long.

·        It is advisable for patients who just had BOTOX injections to avoid lying down for at least 3-4 hours for better absorption of the drug, however, this is disputable, though there may be no harm in following.


Aside from world class surgeons and medical team with warm and friendly staffs, our clinic also boasts using only the leading brands with FDA approval especially for BOTOX treatments. A lot of brands are currently out in the market but not all of these came from trusted manufacturers so patients should beware about promotions with very attractive prices as the price of FDA approved BOTOX is the same in every country so the price will really not vary that much.

In addition to quality cosmetic services, we also offer a whole package of accommodation from our nearby hotel, Aphrodite Inn, which sits adjacent to our facility with a connecting door on the 2nd floor for patient privacy. The 2nd floor of Aprodite Inn was also converted to suit the needs of our patients, pre and post-operatively. Each room is equipped with mechanical beds, with hotel quality mattresses, and oxygen outlet for patients who just had surgery. Medical equipments and emergency apparatuses are also within reach from the rooms so there will be no need to worry about recovery.

Prof. Somyos Kunachak and the rest of our team also pays visit to all patients staying in the nearby hotel every day. Patients who are staying with a companion also enjoy the privilege of sharing the room with them as part of their surgical package.

We also make arrangements for tours and transportation depending on the client need.


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